The Wolves

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The Wolves (Les Loups)

Directed by Sophie Deraspe

  • Canada, France 2015; 107 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Drama
    • FIPRESCI Award - Torino FF


The thawing season has just begun and the arrival of Élie, a young woman with a mysterious past, upsets the equilibrium of a small, isolated island in the North Atlantic. The seal hunters who inhabit the island are used to the brutal isolation dominated by the forces of nature and the appearance of such an unexpected figure generates a mixture of curiosity and diffidence. Élie, after an initial repulsion, begins to feel an unexplainable attraction for the members of the community. One of these is Marie, part matriarch, part mother-wolf of the pack. She is bothered by the presence of the stranger and seems more determined than ever to discover what has pushed this city girl to find refuge in such a faraway and inhospitable place.




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