The World or Nothing

Not available for screening anymore

The World or Nothing (Il Mondo o Niente)

Directed by Chiara Caterina

  • France, Italy 2017; 46 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


THE WORLD OR NOTHING is the isolated and fantasized south of Italy. But this other world is very close, crossed by a modernity blended with an idealized archaism: peasants have iPhone 6s and wolves respond to the sound of a megaphone, while mysterious machines observe the stars and an oil refinery poisons the waters of the territory. THE WORLD OR NOTHING is a path that gets lost, a camera that takes only the side roads, drifting from one layer to another, from the summit of the mountains to the underground galleries, the film wanders and encounters, gradually erasing the imaginary landscapes to better explore the seams of a sewn world. 



    Chiara Caterina