The Young Butler
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    The Young Butler

    El mocito

    Directed by

    • Marcela Said, Jean de Certeau



    70 min

    • Spanish


    Jorgelino Vergara was 14 years old when he left the provinces to come to the capital, Santiago. The search for a new home and a surrogate family brought him to a villa where the henchmen of the Pinochet regime interrogated, tortured and murdered their political enemies. Here Jorgelino became the “houseboy”, a little errand boy who made coffee for the torturers. Today this man, who lives completely alone in a run-down hut, looks back on his wasted life. He was too close to the perpetrators to be rehabilitated as a victim of the regime. But at the same time he was too young and also too uninvolved to be counted from today’s perspective among the murderers, most of whom were able to escape into hiding unrecognized in 1990 and are still being looked for today by those left behind. El mocito accompanies Jorgelino in a phase of his life in which he sets out to come to terms with himself and his past. The journey leads him to places and people who were once important for him, or still are. His personal story and the huge national tragedy of Chile begin to increasingly reflect each other – the film seeks out the analogies with great sensitivity, and finds them more in pictures than in words.


    • Special Jury Award, Chilean Feature Competition - Valdivia IFF



    Jorgelino Vergara
    Colonel Juan Morales Salgado
    Ricardo Palma
    Marcela Said
    Jean de Certeau
    Arnaldo Rodriguez
    Jean de Certeau
    Jorge Arriagada
    Marcela Said

    Marcela Said


    I switched from documentary to fiction because I wanted to have more freedom... I wanted to shoot what's invisible, atmospherical... the tension.

    Marcela Said graduated in aesthetics from Catholic University in Chile and got a master degrée in Médias at Paris IV La Sorbonne. In 1999 she directs her first documentary, VALPARAISO, produced by Les Films D'Ici, and in 2001, the award-winning documentary I LOVE PINOCHET, produced by Pathe-Doc. In 2006, her documentary OPUS-DEI, co-directed with Jean de Certeau, was broadcasted all around the world. Her fourth documentary EL MOCITO premiered at the Berlin IFF. THE SUMMER OF FLYING FISH is her first fiction feature film. Her film LOS PERROS had its world premiere in competition at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes Film Festival.

    Selected Filmography

    Jean de Certeau

    Jean de Certeau


    Jean de Certeau was born on May 6, 1964 in Voiron, France. In 1982 he started working as a video editor for TV and in 1995 became a freelance editor for cinema productions. In 2006 he codirected his first medium-length documentary OPUS DEI. EL MOCITO is his first feature-length film.