The Young Fan
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    The Young Fan

    Il ragazzo più felice del mondo

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    90 min

    • Italian


    This is a true story. There is a person who for over twenty years has been sending letters to all the Italian authors of comic strips, passing himself off as a fifteen-year-old boy. In the letters he always asks for the gift of “a little sketch.” An Italian cartoonist and graphic novelist called Gipi starts to investigate this person. He wants to make a documentary, to find this person, to interview the other cartoonists who have received a letter. To do so, he recruits his friends. They are just friends. Totally incompetent. But there is a story to tell and, for Gipi, telling stories is the most important thing there is. But this is also an unscripted story, one that adapts to the discoveries of the moment. But things never go the way we want them to. And during the making of the documentary everything changes, slips through his fingers, gets out of hand. And so Gipi will find himself having to reflect on the very meaning of “storytelling” and the moral choices that lie behind this desire. Looking for “the happiest boy in the world,” in an inept quest with sometimes comic and delirious dimensions, Gipi will find something quite different, and the documentary itself will, in the end, turn into a movie.


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    Domenico Procacci
    Davide Barbafiera
    Chiara Palmieri
    Gero Arnone
    Nathanaël Poupin
    I Sacchi di Sabbia
    Michele Rossi
    Mauro Uzzeo
    Francesco Daniele
    Anna Bellato
    Kasia Smutniak
    Jasmine Trinca
    Gero Arnone
    Vanni Mastrantonio
    Chiara Dainese
    Valerio Vigliar



    Gipi, the pseudonym of Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Pisa, Italy 1963), cartoonist and director, began publishing cartoons and short stories in 1994, collaborating with the satirical magazine “Cuore” and with the monthly magazine “Blue.” He has published various books with Coconino Press, including Esterno notte; Appunti per una storia di guerra, which was awarded best comic strip of the year at the Angoulême International Festival in 2006; and the famous LMVDM. La mia vita disegnata male. An illustrator for the daily “La Repubblica,” the author of “dubious comic strips” for the weekly “Internazionale,” editor of a blog which publishes “idiotic shorts,” he debuted as a film director in 2011 with L’ULTIMO TERRESTRE, which competed at the Venice Film Festival.

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