Things We Do Not Say

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    Things We Do Not Say

    Ânché Ké Némigooyim

    Directed by

    Iran, France


    52 min

    • Farsi


    Nawal is a 33-year-old Iranian woman who has decided to take a new direction. She is hopping to break a long silence through a project. Eight years following the controversial 2009 Iranian presidential elections, in the middle of the boiling ambiance of Tehran, two realities meet each other. Nawal-With Mehdi- is on the way to bring a forgotten-unfinished theater project back to life. This is like an effort to remember memories in this world of forgetting.



    Ali Razi
    Ata Mehrad
    Ali Razi
    Masoud Shokrnia
    Ali Razi
    Ali Kalantari
    Ali Razi

    Ali Razi


    Ali Razi is one of the Iranian contemporary theater figures. Born in 1978 in Shiraz, Iran. Ali Razi is an independent acclaimed theater and cinema author whose works have been welcomed by different international institutions. He's leading a French-Iranian theater company whose works have been seen in different prestigious venues in France,Iran,Europe since 15 years. On permanent search around documentary and fiction, his first feature documentary film, "Twenty Days That Shook Tehran" (2010), has been selected in numerous film festivals such as Visions du reel, Dok Leipzig, Denver Film Festival, IDFA Amsterdam Film Festival, IDDF Toronto Film Festival, etc. Many of his original projects mix elements of documentary and fiction while exploring relationship between individual and power. His works also interrogates our world through the characters who carry unspeakable wounds, lived by the desire to leave everything to release a prevented future. Ali Razi evokes often the characters who are marginalized from the game. Those who come from different horizons carrying their different languages.