Third Kind

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Third Kind

Directed by Yorgos Zois

  • Greece, Croatia 2018; 32 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Fantasy


Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three new archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from...

Director's Statement

On 2nd of June 2017, 1680 refugees were evacuated from an old abandoned airport in Athens. After one month we were the only ones who got permission to enter this airport and what we encountered was something unique. All of the refugee's belongings were still left behind; it was like a civilization has disappeared from one moment to another. So we decided to make a sci fi that three archeologists come back from the future to find out what has happened... Shot with old soviet anamorphic lenses (Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky) and inspired by La Jette of Chris Marker and Close Encounters from Steven Spielberg, this is a science fiction film with the special occasion that all settings and props are real.








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    François Morisset