Third Page from the Sun

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    Third Page from the Sun

    3e page après le soleil

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    6 min

    • No dialogue

    Experimental, Short

    Announcing the end of paper, this painting in motion addresses many big questions, from digital dematerialisation to recycling. Theodore Ushev has attacked the catalogue of an animation film festival, setting fire to the pages with large brushstrokes.



    Ana Sokolovic
    Theodore Ushev

    Theodore Ushev


    We, the Art, and the Universe are the most ephemeral thing. Ashes to ashes, you know... To think that everything that we do will stay forever, is a lunatic hallucination.

    Theodore Ushev (1968, Kyustendil, Bulgaria) graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia and began his career as a poster artist in his native country. In 1999 he settled in Montreal, where he quickly acquired a reputation as a prolific and talented animator owed to such films as THE MAN WHO WAITED (2006) and TZARITZA (2006). In 2006, he began working on the acclaimed trilogy about the relationship between art and power: TOWER BAWHER (2006), DRUX FLUX (2008) and GLORIA VICTORIA (2013). His acclaimed shorts include LIPSETT DIARIES (2010), his best-known film and a 16-time award winner (including the Special Jury Award in Annecy IAFF and the Audience Award in Melbourne IFF), NIGHTINGALES IN DECEMBER (2011), APART (2012) and GLORIA VICTORIA that won the Fipresci Prize in Annecy IAFF and the Best Animation Award in Curtas Vila do Conde. BLIND VAYSHA won the Jury Award and the Junior Jury Award for a Short Film at Annecy IAFF. His latest short THE PHYSICS OF SORROW (2019) world-premiered at Toronto IFF where it received an honourable mention from the Best Canadian Short Film award jury.
    Theodore's works have been official selections and award-winners in all the major international forums for contemporary graphic design and animation festivals, including Ottawa, Annecy, KROK, Anifest, Animasia, Sundance, Avanca, FIFI Paris, FFF New York & San Francisco.

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