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Directed by Gabriel Tzafka

  • Denmark, Greece 2017; 82 min
  • Original version: Danish
  • Genre: Drama
    • 1st New Cinema Award - Thessaloniki IFF


Lisa and Jacob just got married. The same night, they drive away for their honeymoon somewhere in the countryside of Denmark. However, Jacob has no idea where they are going as Lisa has made all the preparations secretly. Everything goes according to plan until Lisa realizes that her plan is harming their love and their faith is turning into fear.

Director's Statement

In a linear narration “Thorn” could be told as a story of a young couple who after few years loses the freshness and the power of the emotions and forget what they really wanted when they were young. However, they get the unique opportunity to forgive each other. To me, this is already by itself a moving, powerful and universal story. But I was looking for something more. Under the influence of nostalgia for my home, I began to think over parallel lives and parallel worlds. I am myself existing in Greece and in Denmark at the same time. I pondered on the concept and sensation of time through this way. What is reality? What is true to us: our present actions or our past memories? What happens to people who feel that they sacrificed their lives for a purpose, who still believe that they could have a different life, who live more in their memories than in their present actions? Do we have fear or faith? These are some of the thoughts that are the spine of “Thorn”. My goal is to emphasise the small moments through minimal aesthetic, few shots and natural light. The challenge for me is to bring out and to visualise what is happening in the souls of our characters. That’s why, we chose the forest as the main set of this story; it’s a primitive and organic continuity of our characters’ internal world.



    Katerina Beligianni