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Thursday till Sunday

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Thursday till Sunday (De jueves a domingo)

Directed by Dominga Sotomayor

  • Chile, Netherlands 2012; 96 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Tiger Award for Feature Film, IFF Rotterdam
    • Feature Film Grand Prize - IndieLisboa
    • Honorable Mention / Narrative Competition - Los Angeles FF
    • Grand Prix / International Competition - New Horizons IFF
    • Best Film - Valdivia IFF

  • From the director of LATE TO DIE YOUNG presented at CineMart
    From the director of LATE TO DIE YOUNG presented at Doha Film Institute Qumra


This Chilean road movie is set entirely in and around the car belonging to a middle-class family on a four-day trip to the north of Chile. It will be their last journey as a family. We occasionally catch a glimpse of marital problems, but the crisis is largely implicit. For instance, we often only see the backs of the silent parents' heads, seen from the perspective of the children in the back seat, who only have a partial idea of what is going on.
The journey that starts so cheerfully with all kinds of games in the car quickly acquires melancholy undertones: the children only want to go to the beach, while the father is heading for a new life in another apartment and the mother primarily yearns for a place which no longer exists, where everything remains the same as it was.

Director's Statement

It's the first Chilean road movie. It's a journey and the attention is this family, and how the characters see through them. It doesn't stand out as a typically Chilean film but if you look closely, there is something very Chilean in the characters and the relationships.








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