Not available for screening anymore

Tide (Marea)

Directed by Amaury Vergara

  • Mexico 2014; 35 min
  • Original version: No dialogue
  • Genre: Short, Drama
    • Best Jalisco Short - FICG


The movie shows a lonely boy who lives by the seaside in an abandoned house near a tourist area. With contemplative and powerful images, as well as a smooth sound design, the protagonist is followed in his everyday life as he fishes, ferociously hunts a seabird, harvests coconuts with a man, and roams around an abandoned hotel. One day, the boy steals a fish toy from a family of tourists at the beach. The plaything becomes much more than a simple toy, as if it were an indication of the boy’s past or perhaps a symbol of his childhood and the family he never had.



    Amaury Vergara Z