Time Splits in the River

Not available for screening anymore

Time Splits in the River

Directed by Liao Xuan-Zhen, Huang I-Chieh Lee Chia-Hung, Wang Yu-Ping

  • Taiwan 2016; 89 min
  • Original version: Taiwanese, Chinese
  • Genre: Docufiction


Four artists decide to make a film where apolitical parents play parts of dissidents from the 1980s. Later, they show them the footage, unfolding discussions about art and politics. A fascinating conceptual therapy revolving around traumatic events of the history of Taiwan combines a highly artistic style with the informal, echoing, in the best possible sense, the saying ‘the personal is political’. Idiosyncratic, half-improvised ‘performances’ of the protagonists, who embody a story from the life and work of writer Shi Mingzheng, and the visual side of the film, just as poetic as it is funny, make this film a highly personal experience that is difficult to categorize.