Tiny Light

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    Tiny Light

    Directed by

    South Korea


    90 min

    • Korean


    Jinmu starts to record things he should remember with a camera after hearing that he could lose his memory due to prearranged brain surgery. Memories of family and his forgotten father come to Jinmu's mind as he takes records of his life.



    KWAK Jinmu
    BYEON Junghui
    KIM Hyeon
    SIN Munseong
    YUN Seongwon
    CHO Minjae
    JO Hyeonil
    CHO Minjae
    LEE Minwhee

    Director's Statement

    After seeing my father’s ruined grave, I started this film asking my family about father. How I could put him, who doesn’t exist now, in my film was my concern and also what I wanted to face.

    Minjae Cho

    Minjae Cho

    South Korea

    Cho Minjae has been doing manual work since the age of 16. Having worked at factories in Bucheon, Ansan and Gimpo, he realized that the physical labor of a nameless nobody isn’t properly valued and that his strength would slowly fail for nothing. So, he turned his attention to writing. As a novelist, he felt limited by language so started making videos, which led him to filmmaking. After quitting his job of seven years as a factory worker, he used his severance pay to write and make a film about physical labor. TINY LIGHT (2018) was his directorial debut, and now he returns to where he started with this latest attempt to create a film about the hard work of a nameless nobody.