Tiny Souls

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    Tiny Souls

    Arwah Saghira

    Directed by

    France, Jordan, Qatar


    86 min

    • Arabic


    When Marwa was 9 years old, she fled with her family from Syria and got stranded in Jordan. They thought they would be in a refugee camp for a few months, but that quickly turned into years. The open-minded and lively Marwa, who describes herself as a free bird, is above walls and barbed wire. Like all other children, she is preoccupied with playing and intrigues, her friends, siblings and school. The Palestinian filmmaker Dina Naser has followed her for no less than four years, and you literally see Marwa grow up from child to young teenager. Conflicts and alliances are a part of everyday life in the camp, but when a malicious rumour about her brother jeopardises her family's future in the camp, the situation takes a new and unexpected turn. 'Tiny Souls' is created at eye level with its wonderful protagonist and is just as lively, attentive and curious as she is. In other words, the pace is fast in Naser's unique debut, but not at the expense of either the attention or the omnipresent seriousness of Marwa's and so many other refugees' situation - quite the contrary.




    Four years of filming creates a potent sense of lives changing and the resilience required to keep cheerful and carry on.

    Allan Hunter, Screendaily

    Dina Naser

    Dina Naser


    Dina hold a BA in Art and Graphic Design; following her passion for filmmaking, she was granted the scholarship for Docnomads mobile documentary school for a two year MA program in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. She have worked her way through a variety of TV and film productions, until she began to independently direct and produce. Inspired by the stories she witnessed in the field, Dina began imagining what she wanted to capture through her own films. In 2011, she completed work on the documentary short SHAMIEH, which tells the story of an aging Palestinian woman living in Zizya refugee camp in Jordan. Thereafter, she began investigating the lives of Syrian refugee children, which materialized into the short 9 min documentary TINY SOULS and is currently in development into becoming her first feature documentary, which is now in postproduction. She was selected to attend IDFA summer school 2017- rough-cut, as well Malmo post-production platform2016’awarded’, JCC Takmile 2016. TINY SOULS the 9 min went on to participate in several film festivals, including Euromed Audiovisual’s Made in MED film festival, where it won the audience choice award, and the Jordanian European Film Festival, where it won a Jury award for the best documentary short, among others. in 2015 she completed work on a short film entitled ONE MINUTE which tells the story of a woman living in Gaza when Gaza was under attack in 2014, the film was selected in many international film festivals Including, Female Eye Film Festival 2015, BBC Arabic Film Festival, PerSo-Perugia Social Film Festival (Audience Award) , 5th Malmo Arab Film Festival, Doclisboa 2015, Middle East: What Cinema Can Do , Boston Palestine Film Festival 2015, Haifa Independent film festival 2016,Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival 2016, Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival 2016, Festival Ciné-Palestine Paris 2016, Toronto Palestine Film Festival 2016, 10th Jordanian Short Film Competition organized in the framework of the Franco Arab Film Festival – Special mention 2016, 14TH Resistance International Film Festival 2016 IRAN, ARAB FILM festival Rotterdam 2016, Sun Bird Competition ( Days of Cinema) Palestine 2016, The 14th Festival of Mediterranean Short Film Tangier 2016, CEME DOC Mexico 2016, The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2017 , Arab film festival berlin and Cairo International Women’s film festival 2017. In 2016 she co-directed a short experimental SEA WASH tells the story of refugees who lost their lives in the sea, using symbolic elements of their personal belongings being washed onto the shore, the film was selected in Shnit film festival, also was the opening film for the video art section in ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA film festival in Poland. The film was selected to participate in an exhibition "Europako Mugak/Fronteras de Europa" ,"Borders of Europe" in Spain/Bilbao June 2017.

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