To Be and to Come Back

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    To Be and to Come Back

    Ser e voltar

    Directed by



    13 min

    • Galician

    Docufiction, Short

    FF Locarno - Concorso internazionale

    A young (?) thirty-year-old film director comes back to his grandparents’ house to spend the weekend. He needs to film them a video-portrait to have it when they are no longer here. It’s simple: his grandmother is in the field and his grandfather is in the woods. He places the camera and starts filming.
    That is what cinema is about, isn’t it?



    Xacio Baño
    Xacio Baño

    Director's Statement

    I’m unable to remember film’s synopsis. Neither the name of film directors, writers or book titles. It is an odd legacy that reaches out not to remember the anecdotes and experiences that happened to me over all these years. It can be frustrating. Maybe that is the reason why I chose cinema: to create my memories.
    The first impulse, the first urge, was to film a video-portrait of my grandparents in order to have them close when they are no longer here.
    At the exact moment I started filming them, I discovered that there was something more important to tell.
    It was not so much about them as it was about me, about discovering what is that cinema gives me and what do I need from cinema in return.
    Little by little the camera was turning around. The eyes that looked were not mine, but theirs towards me, towards my generation.

    Xacio Baño

    Xacio Baño


    Xacio Baño (b. Xove, Galicia, Spain, 1983) studies cinematography at the University of León. He produces, writes and directs several short films among them SER E VOLTAR (2014), ANACOS (2012) and ESTEREOSCOPÍA (2011). His films have appeared in many national and international festivals such as Locarno, New Directors/New Films, Clermont Ferrand, Telluride Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Alcine, Slamdance, Festival Málaga, Encounters, Shnit, Aspen Shortfest and more. His latest film, TROT (2018), will be premiering at the Locarno Festival.

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