Today Me, Tomorrow You
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    Today Me, Tomorrow You

    Aiz Maka Falea Tuka

    Directed by



    90 min

    • Konkani


    Work-In-Progress Lab

    An archaeologist unearths an idol of an ancient hunter-gatherer society in interior Goa. The discovery triggers a phantom to roam the marshlands, with an insatiable hunger. In its path lies Carona, a sleepy village of Catholics and Hindus, living on small pleasures of the past. The phantom sets its sight on Ravio, a weary bakery-worker mocked for being ‘slow in the head’. On his morning round Ravio gets increasingly lost and desperate, and is ultimately consumed by the phantom. Ravio returns to the village that night, albeit in a vengeful form, leading to dire consequences for the village. Six months later the archaeologist who made the discovery, roams around Carona inquiring about the deaths and disappearances that happened here after his discovery. He tracks Ravio’s steps from that fateful day and it leads him to a grove where the reincarnated phantom is resting.


    • Prasad Lab DI Award & Moviebuff Appreciation Award - Film Bazaar India



    Akshay Singh
    Sreejith Karanavar

    Sreejith Karanavar


    Sreejith J. Karanavar is a filmmaker based in Kochi/Bombay. A graduate of the Satyajit Ray Film and TV Institute, Sreejith edited Kabir Chowdhry’s MEHSAMPUR (2018), a wild and daring hybrid film about the controversial Punjabi singer Chamkila. Sreejith has worked closely with the avant-garde filmmaker Kamal Swaroop, designing a coffee table biography of the father of Indian cinema Dada Saheb Phalke. His latest work is the feature film TODAY ME, TOMORROW YOU (2021) awarded on Film Bazaar's 2021 edition.