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Directed by Daisuke Miyazaki

  • Japan, Singapore 2019; 77 min
  • Original version: Japanese, English
  • Genre: Drama


Nina, who lives in Yamato city, the suburb of Tokyo wins a lottery ticket to travel abroad. She decides to go on her first trip abroad with her best friend Su. They arrive in Singapore, a cosmopolitan city very much like their home country, but find themselves displaced in the short time difference and its unfamiliar monuments. When Nina loses her smart phone, new encounters in unwritten places reconstruct her identity from the predictability of an Internet-found itinerary.

Director's Statement

The world is getting smaller and smaller in a good way and a bad way. Nowadays, it is quite easy for us to go to wherever country we want, using Expedia or Google Map. People’s life is getting more and more close and similar to each other by the internet and the global enterprises. Through human being’s history, we have been struggling to realize a world where everyone lives equally without starving. The world’s situation now seems to be not so far from that goal. Although, the number of racists and nationalists are increasing and the violent terrorism around the world is not stopping. It seems as if human being didn’t want equality from the first place. Maybe we are animals just wanting to show how superior or inferior we are from each other.
Indeed, I also hope we are different. We could have a similar life from economical reasons but still, I don’t fell comfortable being calculated as one of the billions by the big computer everyday. Nonetheless, as I’ve been showing through my filmography, violence is out of the question. Instead, why don’t we take-over the big computer and use them, become a tourist and access to the random and unknown world. By traveling, we sometime reach places and people that the big computer doesn’t even know. The world is still full of places and miracles that is not written on their database. By traveling abroad, we are able to know that we are totally different from each other. But at the same time, we will know that we are not so different from each other. This process will invalidate our violence and discrimination to others. This story is about a young girl who coincidentally had such an experience in a random country.



    Daisuke Miyazaki