Trans - I Got Life
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    Trans - I Got Life

    Directed by

    • Doris Metz, Imogen Kimmel



    96 min

    • German
    • English


    We accompany a world-renowned transgender surgeon and his patients, each in a different stage of gender reassignment. A film full of feeling that unfolds the full spectrum and radicalness of this transition. Transgender people or those who do not fit into rigid gender assignments have always existed. For them, sex reassignment surgery is often the most important step towards feeling like their “true self”. The surgical methods are constantly improving. People who feel that they belong to the “wrong”, i.e. not their biological gender, are still a mystery to science. Why would anyone consciously harm their healthy body in order to change their sex? We accompany trans people in different phases of their transition over a period of one year. They are all patients of Dr. Schaff, an international luminary who has carried out over 6,000 gender reassignment operations. He is a trailblazer who is constantly improving and perfecting his surgical methods. We observe him at work in Munich and accompany him to San Francisco, where we glimpse the future of transgender surgery. A radically different picture presents itself in Moscow, where trans people live in social isolation and Dr. Schaff can only operate undercover under almost antediluvian conditions.


    • Bayern 2 Und SZ Audience Award - Filmfest München



    Theresa Maue
    Sophie Maintigneux
    Birgit Gudjonsdottir
    Andreas Steffan
    Frank Johannes Müller
    Alexandros Topalis


    Not only about the state of medicine, but also about how changing the body can lead to a new, self-determined and happier life.

    Film Rezensionen

    Doris Metz

    Doris Metz

    Doris Metz was born in Oberstdorf/Allgäu. She is a documentary film author, director and producer for cinema and television. After earning a master's degree in German studies and politics in Munich, she worked for ten years as an editor and writer for the Süddeutsche Zeitung in the media and domestic politics sections. With GHOST FATHERS (2005), she made a highly acclaimed cinema documentary about Matthias Brandt and Pierre Boom, the sons of Willy Brandt and GDR spy Günter Guillaume. Her films LESBOS (1998) and LITTLE CONQUERORS (2009) were nominated for the Grimme Award. In 2017, she founded kimmel&metz Filmproduktion together with Imogen Kimmel. Her latest work is the feature documentary film TRANS - I GOT LIFE (2020), co-directed with Imogen Kimmel.

    Imogen Kimmel

    Imogen Kimmel

    Imogen Kimmel is a German director and screenwriter. She studied literature at FU Berlin, then HFF Munich, documentary film. Subsequently postgraduate studies at NSFTV, Leeds, England. There she shoots the international co-production SECRET SOCIETY - CLUB OF STRONG WOMEN (2000), a British social comedy with sumo wrestlers from a feminist perspective. In 2011 she lives as an artist in residence in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and realizes, among others, a social art project in the context of the UN "Khmer Rouge Tribuna". Her feature films have screened at film festivals worldwide. SECRET SOCIETY won the audience award at Films de Femmes Créteil, the social advert MOVE YOUR ASS won at the New York FF. ALL OUT AT SEA (1993) screened in competition at the Berlinale, in Tokyo, and Chicago, among others. Since 2007, she has directed numerous TV feature films and TV series. As one of the initiators of "Pro Quote Regie" she campaigns for equal opportunities for female directors, teaches as a professor of directing at Macromedia in Munich and founded kimmel&metz Filmproduktion with Doris Metz in 2017. Her latest work is the feature documentary film TRANS - I GOT LIFE (2020), co-directed with Doris Metz.