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Troublemaker (Namrud)

Directed by Fernando Romero Forsthuber

  • Austria 2017; 95 min
  • Original version: Hebrew, English, Arabic
  • Genre: Documentary


Frustrated by the political, artistic and social development in his society, Jowan Safadi – a famous and controversive Palestinian-Israeli musician and single-father of a teenage son decides to again make some trouble in the conflict-ridden region.

Director's Statement

I met Jowan for the first time during his concert in Haifa a few years ago. He was taken off stage during his concert by the Israeli police, when he asked the audience of both Israelis and Palestinians to unite and core- sist, instead of just coexisting. This is something very special about Jowan: he sees the mistakes on both sides and dreams of a society, where all the people can live together, treated equally as human beings. I was immediately amazed by his way of thinking, his struggle, his pain, his humor but also artistic and personal power. We have established a relationship based on mutual trust, allowing the movie to be a very intimate and di- verse piece. We will see his everyday life, his family, friends, concert, fans, and the complexity of being a Palestinian in Israel, while he struggles to live according to his ideals, in a reality that strictly clashes with it.




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