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Asian Project Market, Doha Film Institute Qumra

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Directed by Gitanjali Rao

  • India 2014; 19 min
  • Original version: No dialogue
  • Genre: Short, Romance, Animation
    • Golden Conch Best Animation Film Award - Mumbai IFF
    • Best Animation Film - Kerala Documentary and Short IFF

  • From the director of BOMBAY ROSE presented at Asian Project Market
    From the director of BOMBAY ROSE presented at Doha Film Institute Qumra


TRUELOVESTORY is a journey through the seductive, treacherous streets of Bombay. In a city soaked in Bollywood dreams, it moves from the fantastical to the viscerally real. TRUELOVESTORY is a painted ode to romance.
Where does Salim, a 17 year old orphan who left his village at the age of eight to make a living in the streets of Bombay, learn to woo a woman? Who teaches him and many other youths growing up on the streets, how ‘boy meets girl’?

Director's Statement

Bollywood is a religion in India.
Yet what is it that makes millions of people believe in it so strongly, follow it with such a passion, and celebrate it with such fervour? When life in reality for most Indians, is a day to day struggle for survival, steeped in deprivation, homelessness, lack of education and basic human rights, people go to the cinemas to forget reality. And Bollywood offers that fantasy for a few hours that becomes a religion. Yet, when the same fantasy can be mistakenly believed for reality, the balance is lost. This film is an attempt at demystifying what Bollywood means to the youth in love on the streets of Bombay.



    Gitanjali Rao