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Tunis by Night

Not available for screening anymore

Tunis by Night (Tunis Ellil)

Directed by Elyes Baccar

  • Tunisia 2017; 91 min
  • Original version: Arabic
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of CURFEW presented at CineGouna SpringBoard


After more than two decades working for Tunisia national public radio, Youssef is on his way to retirement. As any other morning, he smokes his umpteenth cigarette in front of the open window, drinks his now-cold Turkish coffee and checks out his skinny and tired body in front of the broken glass. On the same day, his wife Amal finds refuge again in prayer as she recovers from breast removal surgery. Their daughter has inherited her father`s passion for alcohol and disconnected from the pace and values of her family, she finds refuge in her boyfriend and rockband. Her elder brother Amin, expelled from the US by the FBI after 9/11, regularly attends the mosque and attempts to put his family’s pieces back together.Trying to allude to the incident that took place in Sidi Bouzid, Youssef`s radio broadcast is viciously cut off during the last issue of "Tunis by night". The decision comes from the director of the radio who was obeying the instructions coming "from above ". As he leaves the radio station, he is picked up by a police patrol car and consequently spends a few hours in police custody. Revolted but silent, Youssef takes refuge at the "Saint George, his regular bar. He empties his mind after emptying a few bottles of wine. The same evening, Aziza cuts her veins following a cascade of problems. Youssef then runs away from his family to be engulfed by a city that he does not recognize anymore…



    Elyes Baccar