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Unwanted (T’padashtun )

Directed by Edon Rizvanolli

  • Kosovo, Netherlands 2017; 85 min
  • Original version: Dutch, Albanian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Kosovo submission for the Academy Awards
  • Karlovy Vary IFF


A lonely teenage boy, who lives in Amsterdam with his refugee mother from Kosovo, keeps getting into trouble while yearning for her acceptance. But the traumas caused by the war, which his mother initially hides away from him, turn his world upside down

Director's Statement

UNWANTED is a social drama, set in present day Amsterdam, which deals with the aftermath and the trauma caused by the 1999 war in Kosovo, as experienced from two different perspectives. It also addresses the issues of belonging and identity of the second generation of migrants living in Western Europe. I left my home country Kosovo as a teenager. Since then I lived in several different countries and have experienced what it is like to be a foreigner. And also what it is like to turn into a stranger in your own country. I grew up in a state which was filled with hatred for “the others” who spoke a different language, “looked” differently and thought differently. And all of these experiences are now part of my personality and influence my every day life. They also spill over into the lives of the people around me; my family and friends. Living in various places for such a long period of time meant also a constant fight to reject identities which were forced on me, identities which, to me, felt fake. Moreover it was a continuous struggle to embrace values which I appreciated but had not yet been accustomed to. Most of all however, it was a struggle to accept and be accepted. And acceptance is also the main theme in UNWANTED.



    Edon Rizvanolli