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Directed by Mohcrine Besri

  • Switzerland, Morocco 2018; 85 min
  • Original version: Arabic, French
  • Genre: Drama


A man stands perilously against the wind on a bridge rail. He jumps and ends up in hospital with a fractured bone. Driss and his wife Zahra visit the hospital with their sick son Ayoub whose condition is more serious than expected. Unable to arrange the money for his surgery, the couple falls into despair. Driss’ troublemaker brother Houcine decides to offer them the money he is to receive from a Swiss couple adopting his unborn child to save his nephew. Unfortunately a miscarriage eliminates the money, and Ayoub could be lost as well. The desperate Zahra makes a crucial decision. Their encounter with the man jumping from the bridge continues as they cross paths again at the hospital.



    Elisa Garbar 


    Lamia Chraibi