Urpo & Turpo

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    Urpo & Turpo

    Urpo & Turpo johtolangan jäljillä

    Directed by

    • Liisa Helminen, Riho Unt



    53 min

    • Finnish

    Animation, Family

    Teddy bears Urpo and Turpo live on a bookshelf in the children’s room. The bears are avaricious readers, particularly of the classics. It is these tales combined with the sharp-eared and inquisite bears’ observations of everyday and domestic incidents and conversations that inspire, shape and drive their adventures. Turpo leaps before he thinks. He is the embodiment of spontaneous action and perpetual movement. Urpo is pensive and sensitive. He has a lively imagination.



    Antti Pääkkönen
    Seppo Pääkkönen
    Katariina Lohiniva
    Taru Tikkanen
    Olli Parviainen
    Liisa Helminen
    Hannele Huovi
    Leslie Stewart
    Riho Unt
    Tõnu Talivee
    Tuula Mehtonen
    Antti Hytti
    Jone Takamäki
    Riho Unt

    Riho Unt


    Riho Unt (1956) has been working in animation since 1983. He holds classes, workshops and animation courses. He has taken part in several group exhibitions, and has had a few individual retrospectives. His work includes URPO & TURPO (2018), MARY AND 7 DWARFS (2018), THE MASTER (2015), HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2012), NORTH DRAGON (2007), MIRIAM AND THE FLOOD (2006), BROTHERS BEARHEART (2005) and HAVING SOUL (2001).

    Selected Filmography

    Liisa Helminen

    Liisa Helminen


    Liisa Helminen is a Finnish film director and screenwriter. She graduated as a film director from the School of Art and Design in 1972 and a master's degree at the University of Art and Design in 1993. Helminen specializes in making films for children in particular such as URPO & TURPO (2018) She has been awarded the 1971 State Film Award, the Best Short Film Jussin 1979 and the Best Children's Film Jussi 1983, the State Children's Culture Award 1983, the State Art Award 2001, the Matti Pellonpää Award 2004, the Hand of Humanism 2005 and the Good Deed for Child 2008.