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Directed by Carlo Sironi

  • Italy 2016; 20 min
  • Original version: Italian, Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Film und Video Untertitelung - FF Locarno

  • European Film Awards

  • From the director of SOLE presented at TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event


Rocio is 20 years old and has been detained in an identification and expulsion center in Rome, pending deportation to her country of origin. During her detention Rocio has become pregnant, but she is unwilling to reveal how or with whom this has happened, preferring to remain silent. By law, pregnant women cannot be detained. So Rocio is released, four months into her pregnancy and with a temporary permit of stay on maternity grounds. Now she is free, but must also go ahead with an unwanted pregnancy.

Director's Statement

Immigration detention center are places of segregation and coercion where freedom gets systematically denied. An irregular migrant gets pregnant during her captivity and for this reason, she gets a residency permit, a job, an apparent freedom. Sometimes, free will and freedom of choice are only an illusion. The negation of a bond can reinforce it even more, instead of erasing it. With VALPARAISO I wanted to show these contradiction through fragments of Rocio’s life. I chose to film it with a bare language in order to narrate in the most essential way, the painful journey of a woman denying and then accepting her being mother.



    Giovanni Pompili 


    Wouter Jansen