Vers Madrid - the Burning Bright
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    Vers Madrid - the Burning Bright

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    106 min

    • French


    Torino FF - TFFDOC/DOCUMENTIVenice Days

    The indignados movement, known also as 15M, represents a unique phenomenon for our times: a transversal, transnational, transhistorical. It has brought back concepts and ideas that seemed to have been forgotten. This film is a journalistic period piece updated on the years of the international crisis, through the protesters’ voices, slogans, chants, where the only solution to the crumbling Spanish economy seems to be class warfare.


    Sylvain George
    Sylvain George
    Sylvain George
    Maw Roach
    Yann Robin
    God Speed You! Black Emperor
    Black Justice Experiments

    Director's Statement

    For me black and white, or slow motion are ways to try to deconstruct the dominant representation of reality. Moreover, black and white is commonly associated to the idea of something old, like ancient images; I use it instead to tell a story that is extremely contemporary. Yet, at the same time I also want to suggest a connection with the past in a way that makes people think about something important: we often think that today is better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be better than today; but it isn’t so. That’s why for me resorting to black and white represents a way to destroy this linear perception of time and to debunk the myth of progress. I want to propose a different concept of time.



    Sylvain George is faithful to his aesthetic and discursive signatory style, in this informative, poetic and political narrative which highlights the urgency of the current situation.


    harnessing the energy and urgency of contemporary social protest.

    Jorge Mourinha, Senses of Cinema

    Sylvain George

    Sylvain George


    I make the films I want to see, films that I feel are an emergency; they are necessary.

    After Sylvain George (1968, Vaulx-en-Velin, France) graduated in Philosophy and worked as a social worker, he eventually made the decision to follow his dreams and became a filmmaker. Inspired by the work of the philosopher Walter Benjamin, he makes short and feature-length documentaries in which immigration plays an important role.

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