Villa Touma

Not available for screening anymore


Three unmarried aristocratic Christian sisters from Ramallah have been unable to come to terms with the new reality of the occupation and the mass migration of Palestine’s aristocracy. In order to survive, they have locked themselves away in their villa clinging desperately to the nostalgia of their former glory, until one day their orphan niece, Badia, walks into their life and turns their world upside down. The three sisters see it as their mission to preserve the family name by trying to marry her off to an eligible aristocratic Christian man. Will dragging Badia to every funeral and wedding party and church mass result in them finding a good husband for her?

Director's Statement

The film will create the illusion of being a period piece. During the 
entire first act, the viewer will not see exteriors at all. Even while 
Badea is in the taxi, the camera work will be restricted to the interior 
and focus on her reactions to what is going on around her. The viewer 
will not be allowed to see what she sees. It is only in the first scene 
of the second Act, as the three sisters walk in the streets of Ramallah, 
that the viewer is suddenly aware that the film is not a period film at 
all but is set in modern times.



    Suha Arraf  

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