Not available for screening anymore


Directed by Zbigniew Libera

  • Poland 2015; 78 min
  • Original version: Polish
  • Genre: Drama


There is a lost tribe living on the edge of civilization. The Conteheli have blue eyes and fantastically woven flaxen dreads, and they paint their faces in tribal patterns. They look like the fulfillment of a hippie fantasy about a return to nature or a Slavic version of the characters from Avatar. When they play their ethno-futuristic instruments, they merge with the cosmos and with all their fundamental visions of the oneness of humans and nature. Beautiful, young, and immortal, they run wild in the nude, adorned only with jewelry made of straw and fruit. This paradise is, however, invaded by civilization in the person of a railway official named Walser. Although he attempts to enter their world at any cost and to learn their unintelligible language, he brings about only chaos and destruction. The stylized world of WALSER flirts with the traditions of genre cinema: post-apocalyptic science fiction, Westerns, and films about cave-dwellers, where primitivism and glamour are not contradictions. Familiar clichés from genre films serve as building blocks for the director to construct a multilevel puzzle out of literary figures from lost paradises, philosophical and counter-cultural concepts of utopian societies, and fantasies about the end of civilization.



    Agata Szymańska