Wasted Youth

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Wasted Youth

Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Jan Vogel

  • Greece 2011; 98 min
  • Original version: Greek
  • Genre: Drama

  • Rotterdam IFF


Summer in Athens. Heatwave blasts the city. A teenage skateboarder sets out for a normal day with his friends. A middle-aged man struggles with raising his family, a job he dislikes and an impending nervous breakdown. This is a portrait of Athens. A film about a city and a society in crisis. Inspired by true events.

Director's Statement

There are some films that are made with a sense of urgency. They belong to that special kind that has to be made NOW or NEVER. «Wasted Youth» is definitely one of them.
When we decided to make «Wasted Youth» we didn’t exactly have a concrete plan. Actually, we didn’t even have a script – just five pages of a story that we could use for the purposes of the shooting. All we knew was that we wanted to work together and, most of all, that we wanted to make a film about this story NOW.
Anyone who’ll watch the film will think that the story is based on the December 2008 riots that took place in Athens. Three days of mayhem and paranoia ensued the unfair loss of a boy that was shot dead in cold blood by a policeman. Little did we know that, looking back to this irrational act of violence now, it would stand as the beginning of much more complicated spiral of events and tragedies that still shake the country. However, “Wasted Youth” is not a film about the December 2008 events. It is rather inspired by them and everything that triggered them. Our conscious intention was to deviate from the facts and build up an entirely fictional story.
If anything, this film is about Athens. It is the portrait of a city on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In that sense, the character of Vasilis is much closer to the everyday reality of Athens; tired, confused, run down, unable to move on, weak, boiling with despair and aggression.



    Yorgos Karnavas 

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