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  1. Extra


    Directed by

    Kenya, Somalia, Italy


    62 min

    • English
    • Swahili
    • Somali


    MoMo is a Somali urban refugee living in Eastleigh Nairobi where he runs the community radio station Wazi? FM with his Kenyan friend Kevo. Their partnership began when an NGO brought them together as part of a program to have a Somali and a Kenyan work on media project promoting peace. Everything is going well at Wazi? FM until one day the team stumble upon a dark secret in their community and MoMo vanishes. Pulling together the pieces of the story an Inspector from the Kenyan Special Forces is trying to understand what really happened before MoMo's disappearance. Is this a case of terrorism or corruption? Were MoMo and Kevo really friends or enemies? Was MoMo in love with Kevo's sister or was he just using her? How are the Kenyan police implicated in the case? And most importantly how is this whole story related to the Westgate Mall tragedy?



    Joseph Wairimu
    Abdi Hakim Mohammed
    Lizz Njagah
    Paul Ogola
    Shirlyn Wangari
    Zeitun Salat
    Mohammed Ali
    Raymond Ofula
    Derrick Waswa
    Ojiambo Ainea
    Kevin Samuel
    Amina Abdi Cherry
    Mick Unaa Michael
    Vandana Snyder
    Jinny Ishumi
    Asha Amina Kyenzi
    J.C. Niala
    Joshua Mcnamara
    Dr. Faras
    Timothy Mwaura
    Moses Sospeter
    Vincenzo Cavallo Faras

    Vincenzo Cavallo Faras


    Vincenzo Cavallo Faras was selected for Berlinale Talents in 2018 and at the Talents Co-Production Market in 2019 with Bufis, awarded at VFF Talent and by the World Cinema Fund. His first feature film WAZI?FM (2014) won the East African Talent Award, the African European Film Festival Award and the Golden Dhow at Zanzibar Film Festival 2015. It was screened in all the major African and European Film Festivals and in the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival. His first web series CONNECTION HOUSE (11 episodes) won best director award at Roma Web Fest in 2017 and best comedy at Berlin Web Fest 2018. His latest project AFRICAN SPACE MAKERS was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.