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We (Wij)

Directed by René Eller

  • Netherlands, Belgium 2018; 100 min
  • Original version: Dutch
  • Genre: Drama


During a languorous summer in a village on the Dutch-Belgian border, eight rebellious teens go in search of fun, sex and excitement. Their adventure starts aimlessly, idyllically. They light fires at their clubhouse out in the sticks, pull pranks and have it off. Those kicks prove not to be enough. Their originally innocent sex games gradually turn into professionally sold porn, prostitution and blackmail. Their playful lives acquire a dark undercurrent and come to a crashing halt when something goes badly wrong. In four chapters, the dreamer, the rebel, the businessman and the creative type tell various people, some of whom work for the authorities, how they experienced this eventful time and its aftermath. They all have their own perspectives in this modern coming-of-age narrative. Dreamy, The Virgin Suicides-like images alternate with hedonistic violence and sex in this adaptation of the eponymous, controversial novel Wij by Elvis Peeters.




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    Matthias Angoulvant