Wednesday, May 9

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    Wednesday, May 9

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    102 min

    • Farsi


    A man named Jalal publishes an unusual advertisement in one of Tehran’s morning papers to donate $10,000 to a needy person. The news gathers a large group of people. At the end of the day, he receives many application forms, and he eventually decides to choose one by chance. Those who have applied insist that what's been advertised is the only solution to their problem. The police take charge of the situation by calming the people and having them dispersed. However, two women do not give up: Setareh, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, and Leila, Jalal’s ex-fiancée…


    • FIPRESCI Prize (Parallel Sections) - Venice IFF
    • Jury Special Prize (New Vision) - Fajr IFF
    • Best Actress (Niki Karimi, Sahar Ahmadpour) - Bratislava IFF
    • Golden Puffin for Discovery of the Year - Reykjavík IFF
    • International Jury Grand Prix, Coup de Coeur Jury NETPAC - FI de Cinémas d'Asie de Vesoul


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    Niki Karimi
    Amir Aghaei
    Shahrokh Forootanian
    Vahid Jalilvand
    Borzou Arjmand
    Afarin Obeisi
    Saeed Dākh
    Kataneh Afsharinejad
    Sahar Ahmadpour
    Milad Yazdani
    Ali Zarnegar
    Vahid Jalilvand
    Hossein Mahkam
    Morteza Poursamadi
    Vahid Jalilvand
    Sepehr Vakili
    Karen Homayounfar

    Director's Statement

    I've been dreaming of Jalal for years. I wake up, bitter, depressed, and cold, and again the reflection of the person who has never had the honor of “being a Jalal” looks back at me in the mirror with disdain. I respectfully dedicate this film to the Jalals of my country; to the ordinary people who see the pain in the eyes of others and those who have never reached out to the government, statesmen, or powerful bodies for help; to people who have never put up with the other people’s hungry expressions, and have never rested peacefully because of that. I live in a country upon which God has bestowed the blessing of abundance and wealth, but alas! many people are deprived of it. WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 is a critique of the society and the way it is managed. It is a tribute to the human beings who feel committed to the society and its suffering. In essence, the film is both a critique and a praise of human beings.



    The humanism of the finest ‪‎Iranian‬ cinema shines through the clouds of sadness in Wednesday, May 9.

    Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    Catches the audience's attention thanks to a simple story yet flawless in its joints and its vivid human representation.

    Alessia Pelonzi, Positive Magazine

    Moving... a keen, microscopic look at south Tehran and the lives we pass but do not see.

    The Guardian

    Vahid Jalilvand

    Vahid Jalilvand


    Vahid Jalilvand was born in Tehran in 1976. He is a graduate of Tehran University in Theater Directing. Jalilvand started his career as a theatre actor and made his stage debut when he was only 15. He worked in the Iranian State TV Channels as an editor and as a TV director. He directed more than 30 documentaries in social and industrial fields. WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 is his first feature film as a director, and his second one as an actor.

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