What Comes Around

Not available for screening anymore

What Comes Around (Al Gami'ya)

Directed by Reem Saleh

  • Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Qatar, Slovenia 2018; 79 min
  • Original version: Arabic
  • Genre: Documentary


In Rod El Farag, one of the poorest residential areas in Cairo, obtaining meat, fruit and daily bread is a constant struggle, but the sense of community shared by the inhabitants helps them to some extent overcome their harships through a social practice known as 'al Gami'ya', or 'the assembly', which also functions as an alternative banking system. More than support, the assembly is an integral part of their daily life, adults and children alike.The assembly in this film serves a portal to penetrate the vivacity of 5 characters over a period of 6 years. A rare, intimate and genuine portrait of life, witnessed through the eyes and voice of its characters in a place that doesn't known rest, situated under a train station. Between the omnipresence of the train and the search for daily bread, life happens...



    Konstantina Stavrianou