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What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love

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What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love (Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika membicarakan cinta)

Directed by Mouly Surya

  • Indonesia 2013; 101 min
  • Original version: Indonesian
  • Genre: Romance, Drama

  • From the director of MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS presented at Asian Project Market


A wondrous film, and that is clearly what the maker wanted. She tells cheerful love stories about young blind people, played by blind actors. Apparently someone who can’t see has to possess more imagination. Maybe that explains the imaginative power of the film.

'It's always about love. It's boring', someone remarks about the romantic radio play her friend is listening to. That infinite variations on the theme of love are possible is proven by the second film by young Indonesian director Mouly Surya. She sets her film, for which she also wrote the screenplay, in a school for the blind and partially-sighted in Jakarta. Just like everyone else, the pupils here also have their desires. To attract the attention of the boy she is secretly in love with, Diana buys a bottle of her favourite perfume. In spite of her disability, Maya wants to be an actress, but has to put up with a lot of teasing about this from her boyfriend. Fitri is also taken for a ride - by a hard-of-hearing rocker, who poses as a mysterious doctor. Surya's film, full of steadicam shots flowing through the corridors of the institute, is not only about blindness, but tackles all the senses: there is plenty of tasting, listening, sniffing and touching.




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