What Walaa Wants

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What Walaa Wants

Directed by Christy Garland

  • Canada, Denmark 2018; 89 min
  • Original version: Arabic
  • Genre: Documentary
    • DGC Special Jury Prize, Canadian Feature Documentary - Hot Docs


'Working in the security apparatus is great.' · 'And I’ll get a licensed gun. How else do you enforce authority?' · 'Once she goes through training, she’ll completely change her way of thinking.'

Having grown up in a refugee camp while her mother was incarcerated in an Israeli prison, Walaa doesn’t want to marry young and start having children, nor is she much interested in school. She’d rather be a police officer, with the Palestinian National Authority, the body governing the Palestinian territories. The documentary follows this defiant and resilient young woman over the course of over five years, from age 15 to 21. The film gives an intimate look at the rebellious girl fighting at times, uncontrollably but tenaciously for her dream.



    Anne Köhncke 

International Sales


    Stephanie Fuchs