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When I Close My Eyes

Not available for screening anymore

When I Close My Eyes (Le pli dans l'espace)

Directed by Ann-Julie Vervaeke

  • Belgium 2014; 16 min
  • Original version: Dutch
  • Genre: Short, Drama

  • From the director of WATERWOLF presented at CineMart


Allison is an 11-year-old girl with divorced parents. When her mother decides to move, Allison faces the reality of a patchwork family. On the road to their new house, Allison blanks completely. She repeatedly tries to call her father in the hope that he will come and get her. She finds herself in a space between past and present. Will Allison succeed in overcoming herself in a world full of memories, desires, fears and hopes? Will she come to realise that her wish for love and harmony might be closer than she initially thought?



    Anastassia Oudovitchenko