When It Lifts Its Little Eyes Up

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    When It Lifts Its Little Eyes Up

    La Grenouille et Dieu

    Directed by

    France, Brazil


    20 min

    • French


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    Mad love story – a threat comes to haunt everyday banality. A young man at his twenties, tough manners. A grown, pregnant woman. The two of them have been living together for a few months in a tiny apartment in the suburbs, until the day money runs out. Bypassing moral standards, carried away by the truth of senses, they go for a walk across the city, running towards nature – a ruthless witness to their acts, but also their last shelter.


    Caroline Ducey
    Finnegan Oldfield
    Alice Furtado
    Felipe Quintelas
    Alice Furtado
    Orlando Scarpa

    Director's Statement

    I started to imagine this film based on a verse from a Brazilian poem, which says, “When the frog is about to give birth, it lifts its little eyes up to God.” Meanwhile I was discovering William Faulkner, through a book that changed my life - The Wild Palms. It made me rethink the whole film. I feel that between these texts from which everything started, the locations found almost accidentally, the actors and the crew there was something magical going on, that gave meaning to everything.

    Alice Furtado

    Alice Furtado


    Alice Furtado (1987, Brazil) was born in Rio de Janeiro, where she still lives and works. She is a graduate in Cinema of the Universidade Federal Fluminense. In 2010, she directed the short film DUEL BEFORE NIGHTFALL, which was part of La Cinéfondation selection of Cannes, and presented at the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2012, she started a residency at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des Arts Contemporains in France where she wrote and directed the short film LA GRENOUILLE ET DIEU (Best Short Film at the 2014 Pancevo Festival), and the audiovisual installation ‘River View’. During the residency, she was guided by filmmaker Claire Denis, working as assistant director on her short film VOILA L'ENCHAINEMENT (2014). She also works regularly as a film editor on short films, TV shows and documentaries. In 2015, she was selected as one of the directors to participate in Talents Buenos Aires. SICK, SICK, SICK is her first feature film.

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