When the Curtain Falls

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    When the Curtain Falls

    Directed by

    Iran, USA


    6 min

    • No dialogue

    Drama, Mystery, Short

    Inspired by the poet, mathematician, and astronomer Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, this short story is focused on two characters separated by a glass wall. On the one side, a man writes slowly, repeating the same characters towards different lines, on the other, a woman undresses with the same rhythm. The combination makes the whole, and the result an harmonious canvas, where elegance and form are meet.


    Afshin Hafizi
    Chantel Louise Tattoli
    Alireza Khatami
    Marcel Morschhauser
    Alireza Khatami
    Alireza Khatami

    Alireza Khatami


    For me cinema is a poetic justice to a cruel world.

    Alireza Khatami (1980, Iran) had worked in the Film and Advertising Industry for four years prior to moving to Malaysia where he got a degree in Creative Multimedia and later worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor. He was selected as one of the Dean’s Fellows for Savannah College of Art & Design, thus in 2010 he moved to America to obtain a degree of Master of Fine Arts in Film Production. His short films, scripts and installations have been showcased and awarded in several countries around the globe including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Brazil, Philippines and many more. In 2012 he was selected for Cinefondation Residency of Cannes Film Festival to develop his first feature film.

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