Where Have All the Good Men Gone

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    Where Have All the Good Men Gone


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    93 min

    • Danish


    Living in a tiny trailer in the back of their family's bar, Sofia and her older half-sister Olivia live a rough life filled with abuse and exploitation. Sofia's stepfather, Lars, is a violent man who keeps the girls and their mother under an iron thumb. When their mother lets it slip that Sofia's biological father may still be alive and living nearby, Sofia packs up her and Olivia's bags and they hit the road, going off of an address found on an old love letter. What they find is rather unexpected. Adam, Sofia's father, is holed up in an isolated farmhouse surrounded by barbed wire and signs that warn everyone to "KEEP OUT!" An ex-soldier with severe PTSD, Adam lives alone and has no interest in opening up to anyone, much less two young runaways. The girls camp out outside his property until he finally gives in and lets them stay with him, and slowly but surely they all grow close to resembling the kind of stable, caring family the girls have always wanted. Things can't stay perfect forever, though, and the girls realize they might not have gone far enough to escape Lars and his violent tendencies.



    Julie Andersen
    Simone Lykke
    Alexandre Villaume
    Allan Hyde
    René Frelle Petersen
    Lars Reinholdt
    Carsten Søsted
    Benjamin de Murashkin

    Director's Statement

    I love stories about strong hopeful characters who, against all odds, fight for a better life, even though the road to happiness, is paved with good, bad and sometimes even ugliness.

    WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE is my first feature as a director and screenwriter. The idea sprung from a visit to the countryside, where I grew up, and I thought, "What if a lonely soldier lived on that farm?" And "What if someone lived in a caravan, almost in captivity in the backyard of that bar? ". Who are these people and what do they want? My brain created the main character, the strong-willed Sofia, who I sent off on an adventure, in an environment rarely seen on the big screen in Denmark.

    The story offers a raw and grim tale of two vulnerable young women, who takes matters into their own hands, in the hope of a better life. The film is not told in the traditional social-realist sense, but is spiced with entertainment, that allows audiences to fear, laugh, shudder and cry throughout the story. The audience will experience the film through the wide gamut of emotions, feel entertained, and it will also provide food for thought. That has been my goal with WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE and I'm very pleased with the result!

    René Frelle Petersen

    René Frelle Petersen


    My goal was to be as precise as possible in the depiction of the environment, the people and the specific dialect spoken in this part of the country. I cast only locals who lived within a 15 kilometer radius of the farm, while we also didn't make significant scenographic changes to the locations.

    Director René Frelle Petersen has found his own unique voice and artistic direction by making three award winning short films, and WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE is his feature film debut.

    As a second AD he worked alongside some of the leading directors of Denmark, through which he learned the ups and downs of filmmaking and started to create his own blueprint for a successful on-set collaboration. He strongly believes that a great film is a product of great teamwork. Alongside working on WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE, he has been employed by Zentropa as a screenwriter and currently has multiple feature films in development, both as a screenwriter and as a director. His latest feature film UNCLE (2019) was awarded the Tokyo Grand Prix at the 32nd Tokyo IFF.

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