White Chairs

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    White Chairs


    Directed by

    Iran, New Zealand


    76 min

    • English


    Mat and Emily have both lost their families in the Christchurch earthquake and they both live alone. They are in love though they never dare to talk to each other - this relationship exists only in their heads.

    Reza Dormishian

    Reza Dormishian


    Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1981, he began writing film reviews in 1997 and later became editor- in-chief for various film publications. After working as a screenwriter and assistant on films by several prestigious Iranian filmmakers such as Dariush Mehrjui and Alireza Davoudnezhad, he began making his own shorts and documentaries in 2002. His first feature film HATRED (2012) received several awards from Iranian critics and screened at festivals in Montreal and Warsaw. His film LANTOURI was selected at the Berlinale Panorama 2016.

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