Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

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Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me (Lama azavtani)

Directed by Hadar Morag

  • Israel, France 2015; 94 min
  • Original version: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Genre: Drama
    • First Feature Award - Haifa IFF


Muhammad, a rejected boy from the fringe of society, floats through the streets of a filthy city, exposed and desolated, until he meets Gurevich; a lone rover who rides his motorcycle into the bowels of the city, through the shadows of the back alleys, sharpening the knives of butcher shops and gourmet restaurants. Stubborn and tenacious, the boy forces his way under the man’s wing. Within this hypnotic urban hell, what starts as an unstable and hesitant apprenticeship evolves into a struggle for self-control.

Director's Statement

Simone Weil, the French philosopher and theologian, wrote that the encounter with the violent act, the iniquity, is consuming both for the aggressor and for the victim. Like mass hurtling from the attacker to the victim conveyed by the violent act. The result being that the innocent victims feel guilty without having sinned themselves. Frequently they pass this mass of aggression on to their surroundings. This transmission is like a snowball rolling downhill, growing bigger. Someone has to absorb the evil energy, to break this vicious circle of abuse. In Weil’s Catholic perspective Jesus Christ does it. In mine it is Muhammad. Being male he can do it. What I was never able to do.






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