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Will There Be a Theatre up There?!

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Will There Be a Theatre up There?! (Netavi ik teatri aris?!)

Directed by Nana Janelidze

  • Georgia 2011; 55 min
  • Original version: Georgian
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Honourable Mention - goEast FF

  • From the director of ANOTHER PARADISE presented at the Sofia Meeting

  • From the director of LESIA UKRAINKA presented at Meetings on the Bridge


Soviet Union - tragic destiny of people who lived in this system, reflected in the biography of the great actor Kachki Kavsadze. The main character of the film is one of the most popular Georgian actors – Kachki Kavsadze, but film is not about an actor. The film depicts the chronicle of a big family - Kavsadzes - family of great folk singers and story that happened with them reflects the lives of millions who lived in former USSR, stories of people, who participated in the II World War and got in concentration camps of Nazi Germany and afterwards in concentration camps of USSR.



    Nana Janelidze