Win By Fall

Not available for screening anymore

Win By Fall (Schultersieg)

Directed by Anna Koch

  • Germany 2016; 81 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Best German Documentary - Hof IFF


Janny, Lisa, Debby and Michelle are 12 years old when they leave home. The "Elite School of Sport" at Frankfurt/Oder, a boarding school in East German tradition is where they move to. They grow up in a strict corset of training schedules, weight classes and pressure to perform. Being wrestlers, they all dream of a championship title, though off the mat, each girl fights her very own battle: Janny is searching for her standing within the group, Debby fights her own expectations, Lisa is homesick and Michelle quarrels with her weight.

The documentary WIN BY FALL follows the wrestlers trying to find their place, as well as away from competitive rankings.



    Anna Wendt