Wind Shaped Rocks

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Wind Shaped Rocks (Rocas en forma de viento)

Directed by Eduardo Makoszay

  • Mexico 2017; 44 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary


What starts out as a calm, observational record from an excursion boat filled with Taiwanese tourists admiring a glacier, soon turns into a frenzied – in places almost hallucinogenic – series of bizarre events after a black spot appears in the sky. Shots of the tourists alternate with views of horses grazing in a snowy landscape, a couple in a hotel room, and a group of young people digging film strips out of a garbage can. From the start, the viewer searches for the key to this random sequence of wordless scenes, trying to keep pace with the rapid, sometimes even stroboscopic montage of juxtaposed shots, which is slowed down with contemplative views of the monstrous glacier.

Director's Statement

Glaciers exist before and after human time-space. History becomes obsolete as self-representation democratizes. This film speculates on non-linear human experience. As complexity increases through our relation with cybernetics, the linear arrow of time vanishes. According to some of its theoreticians, materialist filmmaking should bring us back to our material reality. With WIND SHAPED ROCKS I want to question: what is the material reality when we acknowledge digital and physical experiences as part of the same continuum?