Winter After Winter

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Winter After Winter (Dong qu dong you lai)

Directed by Jian Xing

  • China 2019; 110 min
  • Original version: Chinese
  • Genre: Drama


Family comes first in Jian Xing’s peerlessly beautiful period drama that gets in under the viewer’s skin. In northeast China lies Manchuria, which was occupied by Japan from the beginning of the 1930s to the end of the war in 1945. The winter of 1944 is very cold and there is almost nothing to eat. The Japanese force all men who can walk on two legs to fight under their flag. Using wonderful black-and-white images, Jian Xing narrates about Kuner. Since her husband cannot have children, her father-in-law tries to leave her with his reluctant middle son. When he runs away from home only the youngest son is left, but he is picked up by thee Japanese the same day that the wedding is to take place. 




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    Jing XU