Winter In The Rainforest

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    Winter In The Rainforest

    Talv Vihmametsas

    Directed by

    Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico


    8 min

    • No dialogue

    Animation, Experimental

    Shot in real nature, in the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Peru, this film captures the eternal dance of life and death as experienced by magical creatures of porcelain - animals, birds, insects and flowers - fragile and resilient at the same time. Time passes here in a strange way, moving in an unexpected pace. The unique combination of natural light, fast flowing time and subtle stop motion animation creates a unique poetic reality that makes us aware of the magic and materiality of our own living in this world.


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    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
    Rodrigo Pérez Alcocer
    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
    Silvija Vilkaite
    Maarja Nuut
    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg


    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg graduated MA degree in animation at Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013. She made her first animation, FLY MILL (2012), a puppet film, as her graduation film. FLY MILL has screened at about hundred festivals around the world and won more than 20 prizes including 6 Grand Prix. Her first film after graduation, a short animated film, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WOODS, premiered in June 2014 at Annecy International Animation Festival. She has made set designs for several short stop motion animations and given workshops of stop motion animation.
    In May 2019, she released her new puppet film WINTER IN THE RAINFOREST, which is a coproduction with Estonia, Mexico and Lithuania. WINTER IN THE RAINFOREST will screen at the Annecy and Zagreb International Animation Festivals in June 2019.