Winter's Night

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Winter's Night

Directed by Woo-jin Jang

  • South Korea 2018; 91 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Director, Best Actress (Seo Young-hwa) - Tallinn Black Nights FF


On a winter night, the couple finds themselves standing at a life's crossroad. A middle-age couple, Eun-ju and Heung-ju visit Chuncheon's Cheongpyeong Temple in 30 years where they spent the night together for the first time. On the way from the Temple, Eun-ju finds out that she lost her phone. Heung-ju wants to find it on the next day, but somehow Eun-ju hurries away to find her phone. As the night goes on, the couple's sleepless winter night unfolds and while roaming around the Temple, Heung-ju and Eun-ju come across an ex-lover, a friend and a young couple who are very much alike with Eun-ju and Heung-ju 30 years ago. Those unexpected encounters spur them on to reflect on themselves and when they reunite at the end of night, Eun-ju and Heung-ju reveal their deepest thoughts.




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