Without Snow
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    Without Snow

    Bez sniegu

    Directed by



    35 min

    • Swedish


    The first winter snow started falling on the 21st of December. That same night, a motocross gang of teenagers, in the age of sixteen, drove 4 kilometers to an isolated farmhouse outside a Swedish small-town. On the farm lived a 50-year-old man with his family. The 50-year-old man had previously stated that the motocross gang had, continuously harassed his family, and especially his 16 years old son. When the motocross gang arrived that night, the 50-year-old man felt endangered and ran out of his house armed with a shotgun. The man fired two rounds and called the police, stating that he had shot two boys in his garden. One boy died at the scene. The other boy was severely injured, but survived.
    A couple of days earlier, the boy that survived, Linus, had fallen in love with his best friends girlfriend. He didn't know then, what result his sudden emotions of affection would provoke. He just knew that he had felt strangely empty for a long time and that this feeling maybe was about to end...
    Here our story begins.


    • Fiction Award / International Competition - Curtas Vila do Conde
    • Bronze Tadpole - Camerimage


    Erik Lennblad
    Louise Wehlin
    Ivar Svensson
    Hampus Sikströmn
    Oskar Creutz
    Anna Wallander
    Claes Ljungmark
    Linda Hellström
    Magnus von Horn
    Magnus Borge
    Max Arehn
    Rickard Krantz
    Magnus von Horn

    Magnus von Horn


    I'm conscious of being a very emotionally blocked guy. I make films so that I can express myself through other things.

    Magnus von Horn was born in 1983 in Göteborg, Sweden. He studied at the University of Göteborg and the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School (PWSFTViT) in Lodz. He has produced several short films including the documentary RADEK (2006) and the short-fiction MILK TEETH (2007). His film ECHO (2009) received numerous awards, including the Silver Hobby-Horse for the director of the Best Short Fiction Film at the Krakow FF, the Best Film Award at Munich IFF of Film Schools and the Grand Prix at the Open Student FF in St. Petersburg, at the Student FF CineMAiubit in Bucharest and at the Festival Tous Courts - Rencontres Cinématographiques dAix-en-Provence. His film THE HERE AFTER (2015) premiered at the Karlovy Vary IFF and won Best Film and Best Director at the Guldbagge Awards 2016. His latest film SWEAT (2020) was selected at Cannes 2020.

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