Wizard from Mutanj

Not available for screening anymore

Wizard from Mutanj (Čarobnjak iz Mutnja)

Directed by Branko Lazić

  • Serbia 2018; 56 min
  • Original version: Serbian
  • Genre: Documentary


Have you ever herd of Serbian Hollwood? No! A non-typical Balkan story, without war and drama, without communism and transition, without myths and propaganda, without investigation and emotional diarrhea, without a classic plot and actions, without any kind of activism. Just a good man and a story about red carpet, pyramids, Dorothy, the lion and the wizard. And of course the godfather … It was once an Ivo the Tzar, born on the slopes of the picturesque but crisp mountains Rudnik in Serbia. Ivo dreamed of great dreams for which there is usually no place in the Balkan towns, let alone in the farmer’s countryside. The fate, however, made sure that Ivo made his Holivud in his village Mutanj. If you think that magic realism is possible only in art, you are mistaken. Meet Ivo the Tzar and the only village with red carpet on the Balkans!



    Branko Lazić