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    Directed by

    Italy, Czech Republic


    60 min

    • Czech
    • Italian


    Rabbi Benjamin Murmelstein (1905-1989) was head of the Jewish Council of the artificial ghetto of Terezín (Theresienstadt in German). The Nazis made him representative of the community destined for extermination. Victim of a tragic contradiction, after the Liberation he was tried and absolved from the accusation of collaborating with the Nazis; he moved to Rome, where he was ostracized by the Jewish community until he died. His son Wolf devoted his life to redeem his image, trying to paint a more complex picture of the role his father played in Terezín. The film reconstructs through the conversation between Wolf and the psychoanalyst David Meghnagi a son’s relationship with the memory of his father, between the acceptance, the denial, and the thematization of a common and familiar tragedy.


    • Special Jury Award - Torino FF


    Wolf Murmelstein
    David Meghnagi
    Anna Murmelstein
    Riccardo Di Segni
    Marketa Pacovska
    Toman Brod
    David Meghnagi
    Claudio Giovannesi
    Michele D’Attanasio
    Giuseppe Trepiccione
    Claudio Giovannesi
    Andrea Moscianese

    Director's Statement

    I tried to ask myself questions beyond Judaism and the Shoah, trying to let the film itself ask the questions: is it possible to live beyond one’s past? Can a human being survive the memory and the faults of his father? How does History act and transform individual lives? Where does the past end and where does the present begin?



    ...a portrait quivering with human intensity, where the cinematographic medium delivers us conscience, doubts, and emotion.

    Torino FF Jury

    Claudio Giovannesi

    Claudio Giovannesi


    Claudio Giovannesi (Rome, Italy, 1978) is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and musician. After getting a Bachelor of Arts, he received a diploma from the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome. He worked for Rai3’s program Blob from 2001 to 2004. In 2009 he directed the feature film LA CASA SULLE NUVOLE (Jury Special Award at the Brussels Film Festival) and the documentary FRATELLI D'ITALIA, special mention of the jury at the Rome Film Festival). In 2012 he directed his second feature film ALI HAS BLUE EYES, winning the special jury prize and the best debut and second film award in Rome, FICE Award and Mario Verdone Award. The film was also nominated at the Nasti d’argento and partecipated in competition at Tribeca Film Festival. His following film, WOLF (2013), was awarded Special Jury Award at Torino FF. In 2014, Giovannesi participated in the collaborative film 9 X 10 NOVANTA, selected at Venice IFF that same year. His latest work, FIORE, was selected at the Directors' Fortnight in 2016.

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