Women's Country

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    Women's Country

    Kadınlar Ülkesi

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    52 min

    • English
    • Arabic
    • Turkish


    This film follows the director’s everlasting search for the meaning of home. Often defined by memories and people, is it transient or stable? And can it be tied to a location? In an era where thousands of people are making perilous journeys to find a safe home while others discover new habitable planets in space, these questions cover more than the personal questioning of a Turkish filmmaker moving to the USA. Displaced by the war in Syria and resettled in Florida, USA, Fatima and Huda join her in the exploration of what does it mean to build a new home; to leave things and people behind, by choice or not, and how the past is weaved into the present.


    • Best Documentary - Antayla FF



    Şirin Bahar Demirel
    Şirin Bahar Demirel
    Şirin Bahar Demirel
    Tolga Gürpınar
    Şirin Bahar Demirel

    Şirin Bahar Demirel


    Şirin Bahar Demirel is a Turkish visual artist working primarily in the mediums of film and photography. She studied cinema in Istanbul, Turkey and got her MA in Artistic Direction of Cultural Projects in Montpellier, France. She makes documentary films with an experimental and playful approach. Her works generally mix what is political and personal. Recent festivals and exhibitions that she participated in include Ars Electronica Festival, Austria; Transmediale Arts&Digital Culture Festival, Berlin; Kassel Documentary Video and Film Festival. She currently lives and works between Istanbul, Turkey and the USA. She released her debut documentary film ALL MY EYES in 2012. The following year, a second documentary LIVING WITH LEVIATHAN. Her latest work is the documentary WOMEN'S COUNTRY (2019).